ABC Design caters primarily to hotel owners that understand the benefits of an up-to-date appearance in order to attract guests. From small occupancy establishments to large 300 to 500 room hotels, we have experience that will help you appeal to your guests.


We Provide Detailed Perfection On Budget

ABC Design shows you what you can do with a new hotel property or a renovation when you get the details just right while keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line.

We Provide The Management Of The Entire Project

We’re specialists in getting the color, the tile work, the flooring and lighting pulled together at a great price. We notice that staff is happier too, when the place looks good.

We Provide "The Sizzle" With Peace of Mind

We charge a flat fee, shop for the best quality and pricing for you, share the creative process with you as much (or as little) as you like.

ABC Design knows how to make design and operations work together. Our pictures speak for us, as we blend tradition with sizzle for beautiful results.

Martha Howard Axford:

extensive hotel knowledge specializing in operations, renovation, new construction, and design. Knoxville, TN

Judee Rudder Brann:

extensive hotel knowledge, specializing in operations, renovations, and new construction/design throughout the southeast


Thank you ABC Design for helping us design, submit our project to our franchisor, get approval, enter all the orders, follow-up on all orders, schedule all deliveries, and when our installer was delayed you even ran our installation! This project is the first hotel for us and you went over and beyond your scope. We appreciate you!


•    Hotel Lobby Design
•    Hotel Facilities Design
•    Hotel Room Design
•    Corporate Office Design
•    Modern
•    Design Services
•    Eclectic
•    Kitchen Design

Design Style:
•    Classical
•    Mediterranean
•    Mission
•    Luxury
•    Minimalist
•    Rustic
•    Tuscan
•    Western

Design Services:
•    Decorating
•    Room Flow
•    Hotel Design
•    Restaurant Design
•    Spa Design
•    Home Design
•    Project Management
•    Shops and Stores

•    Conference Room Design
•    Lobby Design
•    Bedroom Design
•    Living Area Design
•    Dining Area Design
•    Check-in Desk Design
•    Bathroom Design

Design Palette
•    Artwork
•    Curtains
•    Floor Coverings/Flooring
•    Lighting
•    Rugs
•    Built-In Furniture and

•    Colors
•    Fabrics
•    Furniture
•    Paint
•    Window Treatments

Technical Expertise:
•    Computer Aided
Design (CAD)

Product Design:
•    Custom Furniture Design

Technical Expertise:
•    Environmental Design
•    Hotel Design
•    Conference Center Design
•    Hotel Room Design

Design Style:
•    Contemporary
•    Traditional
•    Whatever is determined
with client. Convey the
best style for the brand

Type of Clients:
•    Hotel
•    Hotel & Conference Center
•    Office
•    Residential

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